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Today's show is The Making of a Millennial!

Part of Moira's Mixed Company is YOU!

Moira's Mixed Company is a monthly radio show, hosted by Moira of The Philips Phile, that will focus on those topics that your mother said "never to talk about in Mixed Company".  But she can, and she will. 

Whether it's race, religion, or politics....or sex, drugs and rock-and-roll...Moira will have a monthly studio audience, guests (both in the studio and on the phone), and a dinner party atmosphere. 

We need guests and live studio audience members. Here's our topics for the next couple of month's - if you'd like to participate in any of these shows, fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you closer to the date of the show! Thank you!

February 16


The Making of a Millennial
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March 16

How not to eat cat food when you retire!
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April 20

3 Wise Guys Walk Into A Bar... Can't We All Just Get Along?
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May 18

I'm a failed dieter / exerciser... Does any of it work?
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June 15

Gay Life in Central Florida Two Years After the Pulse Tragedy
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Moira's Mixed Company


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