Kenneka Jenkins' sister is speaking out about the information that her family is getting from the police about her little sister's death and why none of it is making any sense. 

Authorities previously said that a drunk Kenneka walked herself into a walk-in freezer at a Rosemont hotel. She was later discovered dead. Since then, her family has been saying that the reports that they're getting from police about her passing aren't adding up. Now, one of the deceased 19-year-old's sister is speaking out. 

While talking to multiple outlets, the sister said that cops told the family that a firefighter first found Kenneka's body. Then, she said that cops later told them that a hotel employee found her. "Which one is it?" the frustrated sibling said. 

She continued: "We went in the freezer. There was nothing in the freezer, but one thing. One little piece of ice and the freezer was warm... it wasn't even cold." The sibling added that her sister's hair was messed up, as if she was fighting. When Kenneka went to a party with her friends on the night she disappeared, her friends said that her hair was straight down. The sister also spoke about an emergency lock that was in the freezer. She feels like if her sister accidentally walked into the freezer by herself, she would've pulled the lock and escaped. 

Watch Kenneka Jenkins' sister speak about her young sibling's mysterious death below. 

Photo: AOL