Justin Bieber is returning to the baby face that made him a star.  

He's sending his "Beliebers" into a frenzy with a new Instagram video that shows him shaving off his mustache.  




Justin then posted a clean-shaven selfie, along with the caption "[Your] boy got rid of his stash."  The majority of his fans seemed pleased with his decision to say goodbye to the tiny bit of facial hair he'd been growing out for months.  Many followers thanked him for finally shaving with enthusiastic, caps-locked comments.  


Some are crediting his ex Selena Gomez for convincing the 20-year-old to get rid of the mustache.  

The two are rumored to have reconciled last week, and a source tells "HollywoodLife" that Justin is eager to look his best for his longtime love now that they are spending more time together.