British cable news channel Sky News was forced to apologize after broadcasting reporter Colin Brazier rummaging through the abandoned belongings of those murdered in the shootdown of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine last week.

On Sunday, Brazier was at the scene of the crash, which remains cordoned off by the pro-Russian separatists likely involved in the shootdown. Families of the victims have been unable to visit the scene, and bodies and belonging remain strewn over miles of farmland or stacked in the backs of flatbed trucks.

The Sky News reporter began poking through “the paraphernalia of holiday-making and travel” while broadcasting to a live audience, at one point holding up items from a victim’s suitcase for examination.

“I think it’s a small girl’s bag, isn’t it, by the looks of things,” he said, holding up a bright pink water bottle. “Some keys, toothbrush.”

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