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Let ME Help You! Monday 6p-7p

The attorneys of Myers & Eichelberger, P.L., are focused on providing a high level of personal service to their clients throughout Central Florida. Our firm provides legal services in the areas of real estate, small business representation, estate planning, tax law, family law, criminal law, personal injury, worker’s compensation, immigration law, employment discrimination, and entertainment law. The firm also represents buyers, sellers and lenders in both commercial and residential real estate transactions, including foreclosures and loan modifications. 888-ME HELP YOU

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Renewal Home Show: Monday 7p-8p Tuesday 6p-7p Wednesday 7p-8p Saturday 1p-2p

The Renewal Home Show offers homeowners expert advice in quality home upgrades. Learn about renewing your homes windows and doors. Show host Jared Mellick and his team will help you make wise decisions with energy savings to bring full value your home improvement updates and remodeling.

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Talkin' Old School: Monday 8p-9p


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Ed Dean Radio Show: Monday-Friday 9p-10p

Ed Dean’s radio show is heard all throughout Florida. Ed Dean is the Senior Editor for Sunshine State News. Senior Media Analyst for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a Washington D.C. Taxpayers Advocacy Group. Media Advisory Board for The American Media Institute. Ed has been on Fox Business News, Local Fox 35 and Newsmax TV as a Financial and Political Commentator. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says, “Ed Dean has the best Radio Talk Show in the state.”

Ace Solves It All: Home Maintenance Show: Saturday 4p-5p

The Home Maintenance Show will help you keep your home's critical systems, air conditoning, plumbing, electrical and solar operating at peak performance. Hosted by Charlie DePari a veteran of radio talk shows to help home owners.



John Butler Book Show Sunday 7p-8p

Listen to the John Butler Book show every Tuesday evening 8:00-9:00 on 102.5 fm. A straight shooting talk show host who will hit the bullseye of truth dealing with the threats that face our nation today. Toll free number is 1-855-545-1025.



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Under Oath Friday 6p-7p

Tune into Under Oath with host Jeff Kaufman every Friday from 6p-7p. Jeff Kaufman is an attorney licensed in 18 states and a recognized author whose books are sold worldwide. He will discuss everything from personal problems to self-help and hopefully put some of your problems into perspective.

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Renewal Home Show

The Renewal Home Show offers homeowners expert advice in quality home upgrades. Learn about renewing your homes windows and doors. Show host Jared Mellick and his team will help you make wise decisions with energy savings to bring full value your home improvement updates and remodeling.

Shinedown Retire with Grace: Saturday 6a-7a

Each week, Robert Grace, President and Founder of Grace Advisory Group, shares with his radio show listeners the knowledge he has gained in his 43 years of helping people with their retirement income planning. Bob's knowledge is based not just upon his experience; but also upon his extensive training and education - he is an attorney, a Chartered Life Underwriter, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Registered Financial Consultant and a Certified Financial Educator. Listeners will hear real life examples of how people have benefited from retirement income planning, through strategies to: reduce income taxes, assure a steady lifetime income and provide a legacy for one's heirs. Outside experts are frequent visitors to the show and afford listeners with fresh perspectives on governmental and social changes that may impact upon retirement plans.Grace Advisory Group has offices throughout Southwest and Central Florida, from Naples to The Villages. To learn more about Grace Advisory Group, visit or call 1-866-481-5550.
2AM Club Better Lawns & Gardens With Tom MacCubbin: Saturday 7a-9a

You can rely on Tom's knowledge and unbiased advice when it comes to all kinds of home gardening issues. Listen in and feel free to call Tom with your gardening questions!
2AM Club WFLA's Home Improvement Show: Saturday 9a-11a

WFLA has assembled an incredible panel of home improvement experts to help you with your home fix up, repair, and remolding plans. Our seasoned pros are on hand to answer your home improvement questions. Email Your Home Improvement Questions Here: Visit our website at

Hidden Wealth Radio with Charles Oliver: Saturday 11a-12p Sunday 1p-2p

Imagine never losing money to the market or taxes again. Best Selling financial author Charles Oliver has safely and predictably helped clients earn over 8% tax free in the worst decade since the great depression protecting client’s retirement from taxes, inflation, market losses and economic uncertainty. Learn the safe, proven, IRS approved way to secure your retirement.

My Wealth Radio: Saturday 3pm

My Wealth Radio Saturdays at 3pm with Mitch Levin MD, CWPP, CAPP and CEO/Managing Director of Summit Wealth Partners seeks to ensure that all aspects of the listener’s financial lives are properly examined, optimized, monitored, and ultimately driven to success through a team of Expert Specialists. Mitch is certified in Wealth Preservation Planning and Asset Protection Planning and is an "AA" rated Florida State Representative of the Asset Protection Society. Two-time, national best- selling author, trusted advisor, and accomplished public speaker, Mitch´s work has appeared in more than a dozen reputable and award winning publications.


Train Central Florida Real Estate Radio: Sunday 8a-9a

The show offers tips on buying or selling your home. Host, Laura Petersen, from FrontGate Reality where Your home is guaranteed to sell or Laura Petersen will buy it. The show presents a clear picture of the local real estate market. Laura and her guests offer information, opportunities and solutions so EVERYONE can meet and exceed their real estate goals. For a FREE Report on our Guaranteed Sale Program visit
Train Dollars & Sense With Joel Garris: Sunday 9a-10a

The show features discussions about retirement, taxes, mortgages, estate planning, social security and investments. If I has anything to do with your M-O-N-E-Y, Jack and Joel can provide a solution!
Train The Ric Edelman Show: Sunday 11a-1p

Listen every week to The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman. Ric gives you comprehensive, educational advice that is both entertaining and useful -- on investments, IRAs, retirement planning, mortgages, insurance, college planning, and much more!
Train Good Day Health With Dr. Ken Kronhaus: Sunday 2p-3p

Good Day Health with Dr. Ken is a popular nationally syndicated radio show. Dr. Ken feels strongly that lives can be saved by providing listeners with a weekly review of breaking medical news. Make sure to tune in Sundays at 2 PM on 540WFLA. For more information on BUDSCAN, Click Here!
Arms Room Radio
: Sunday 8p-10p

Arms Room Radio heard every Sunday from 8p-10p and nationwide on iHeart Radio is filled with entertaining, conservative commentary on Second Amendment issues from guys who have been there, done that. Arms Room Radio is more than just a gun show. Tackling issues like when should you defend yourself? What rights do you have? What rights does the government have when it comes to you and your firearm? What’s going on in the military? What’s the Police perspective? Find out from the guys that know. More than a talk show and way more than a gun show…. it's Arms Room Radio.